Patient Stories


Chicago Bulls Coach Fred HoibergFred Hoiberg, Age 43
Head Coach: Chicago Bulls

NBA Player for 10 Years
Husband, Father of 4
On-X Aortic Valve Recipient

“Since getting my On-X valve, I feel as good as I did when I was playing in the NBA." (Read More…)


MikeMike, Age 54

Active Cyclist, Athlete
U.S. Army Veteran (1982-2010)

Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm
On-X Aortic Valve Recipient

“My doctors recommended a mechanical valve because I’m a younger patient, even at 54! They told me a tissue valve would wear out and require additional surgical procedures." (Read More…)





Marilyn, Age 59

Independent Business Owner
Wife, Grandmother
On-X Aortic Valve Recipient

“I have a valve that will last my lifetime." (Read More…) 


RonRon, Age 63

Grandfather to 12
On-X Aortic Valve Recipient

“I did my research and On-X seemed to be the best valve for me, so I requested my surgeon use the On-X valve." (Read More…)


WhitneyWhitney, Age 33

Active Mom of 2
On-X Aortic Valve Recipient

“I had to keep myself calm because I knew, with every heartbeat, that my insides were tearing open. I knew I was in God’s hands… I’m grateful that my surgeon, Dr. Mark Pool, selected the On-X valve for my emergency heart valve replacement surgery" (Read More…)


Neil, Age 18

On-X Aortic Valve Recipient

“Three different doctors suggested the On-X valve for Neil, because of its advanced design and materials – it will not wear out like tissue valves.” (Read More…)


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