On-X Pyrolytic Carbon

What is Pyrolytic Carbon (PyC)?
How is PyC Produced?
On-X Carbon Properties

On-X Carbon Overview

  • On-X carbon is a pure form of isotropic pyrolytic carbon utilizing patented processes

    • It does not require silicon alloying to ensure wear resistance found in most other available forms of pyrolytic carbon
  • It is a structural carbon coating that is most often deposited on a high density, high purity graphite pre-form

    • Other substrate pre-forms can be used
    • Components of solid On-X carbon can be produced
  • Thickness of the deposited carbon depends on the design requirements of the product
  • The surface can be polished to a high gloss where articulation or thromboresistance is required

    • Alternatively, the surface can also be left in an as deposited state providing some surface topography for bone and or tissue on-growth

What is Pyrolytic Carbon (PyC)?

  • Pyrolytic carbon is an isotropic turbostratic form of carbon.

    • The crystalline structure of pyrolytic carbon has a distorted lattice structure with random unassociated carbon atoms (ref. a) unlike, as an example, graphite (ref. b).
    • This structure provides it with isotropic properties (similar in all directions)
  • It is formed by pyrolysis of a hydrocarbon gas creating random crystallization
  • It exhibits excellent stability, strength, wear resistance, fatigue resistance and biocompatibility

How is Pyrolytic Carbon (PyC) Produced?

  • PyC is generally deposited as a structural coating over a substrate pre-form

    • Alternately, for some geometries solid PyC can be generated
  • It is usually formed in a fluidized bed furnace

    • The bed consists of small ceramic particles and parts to be coated
    • A levitating gas creates required random motion of parts within the bed
    • Heating elements raise furnace temperature to 1200° -1400°C
    • An introduced hydrocarbon gas undergoes decomposition at these temperatures creating free carbon that recrystallizes on whatever surface it comes in contact with first

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