Aortic Aneurysm Success Story

“When my cardiologist indicated it was time for me to surgically address my ascending aortic aneurysm and degrading aortic valve, I undertook some research into what would be my best choice. I did not want to face the prospect of another open heart procedure when in my 80s, as would probably be required if I […]

ISPOR Meeting Presentation

Economic Model of the Life-time Cost Impact of Heart Valve Prosthetic Choice Life-time costs savings of choosing an On-X® Prosthetic Heart Valve with no risk of re-operation compared to a stented tissue valve replaced with a transcatheter valve is estimated at $376,000 AUSTIN, TX — May 21, 2013 — On-X® Life Technologies, Inc. (On-X LTI) […]

On-X Life Technologies Submits for FDA/CE Approval

Reduced Anticoagulation Indication for On-X Aortic Heart Valve If approval is received, the On-X valve will become the first aortic valve that allows patients to be maintained at levels of anticoagulation below currently recommended professional society guidelines, helping to lessen anticoagulation – related complications AUSTIN, TX – October 22, 2012 – On-X® Life Technologies, Inc. […]

Clinical Update Thirty-Three: On-X Pure Carbon Valve

Does the On-X Pure Carbon Valve behave like a mechanical or tissue valve? Results of an intermediate term study of 737 Canadian patients show decreased risk with the On-X® Prosthetic Heart Valve.1   A study published in the November 2010 issue of The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery found approximately 30% improvement in aortic […]

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