“Because of my age, 55, a tissue valve was not an option”

My experience of heart valve surgery is that I can’t believe what my body went through. I was non-symptomatic except for a heart murmur that got louder during the 12 month period between physicals. I was experiencing mitral valve regurgitation at an elevated level, but yet didn’t feel my energy level, endurance, activity level, or abilities had diminished. I discussed the different valves available with my surgeon and came to realize the On-X to be the best choice. Because of my age, 55, a tissue valve was not an option. When I was opened up, a repair was attempted, but unsuccessful, so the replacement took place. Post-op I have had very little, if any discomfort from the surgery. I am unable to hear the On-X heart valve operating and consider myself to have good to average hearing. I am doing well in rehab and will be resuming running in April.

I understand the designer of the On-X valve met with my surgical and recovery team during my hospital stay. I certainly would have enjoyed meeting him.

Thanks for everything, On-X!

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