“If I had it to do again would I choose an On-X valve? ABSOLUTELY”

In October of 2010, I was diagnosed with a congenital atrial valve defect requiring surgery. My surgeon and cardiologist were both extremely detailed in what was needed and gave me the opportunity to research each option and then meet with the surgeon again to agree on the time, process etc. After researching the mechanical valve […]

“Every medical professional I consulted recommended the On-X valve”

I was born with a bicuspid aortic valve, which developed stenosis and calcification over the last 23 years. After it was determined that I needed my valve replaced, every medical professional I consulted recommended the On-X valve. They all recommended it because it is a permanent valve replacement solution, requiring no future surgeries, and also […]

“It has only been two weeks since the surgery and praise God I feel great”

I received a tissue valve in October 2007 due to severe aortic insufficiency but since I was still at a young age (48 yrs old) the valve’s function fell rapidly and by Sept 2011, I was faced with the severe aortic insufficiency again. I had surgery October 4, 2011 and this time received an On-X […]

“I never knew I could ever feel like this again!”

It has been almost 4 months since my surgery and I am feeling great. In fact, I never knew I could ever feel like this again! I have had such a great experience with the On-X heart valve during this challenging time. I am so happy that my surgeon recommended the On-X valve for my […]

“The On-X valve attracted me for several reasons and it was the preferred choice of my surgeon”

I was born with aortic stenosis and needed intervention 9 years later. A valvuloplasty was performed , where it was discovered that I had bicuspid aortic heart valve. They opened up the third leaflet, but there was lots of regurgitation afterwards. I was told I would need a replacement later on. Within five years, it […]

International patient’s concern about surgery was swept away with the On-X heart valve

I was diagnosed as aortic stenosis due to congenital bicuspid valve and underwent aortic valve replacement at age of 56. My surgeon told me that the On-X valve would be implanted and I began my own research on the internet. I read all the “Clinical Updates” issued by the manufacturer and also watched a surgical […]

“It’s only after a few years that I can really look back and understand what I’ve survived!”

I was diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm when I was 36 and already knew about my bicuspid aortic heart valve. We did tons of research on facilities, hospitals, doctors, actual surgeries performed, statistics of everything, etc. My doctors originally wanted to place the competitor valve with sleeve. But through our research, we were really impressed […]

“My 1st annual checkup was last August, and everything looked real good.”

I am doing well since my complex heart valve and dissected aneurysm surgery. My 1st annual checkup was last August, and everything looked real good. It was a very long surgery,(wife said I was in the OR for 13 hrs) and took 30 days in the hospital. The surgeon replaced my previous mechanical heart valve […]

“The possibility of never having an INR test ever again is truly amazing to me”

Having been a congenital aortic valve patient for the entirety of my life, I knew there was not a perfect fix for my heart valve. However, after much research and assistance from my parents – one of which has a MSN in cardiology – we decided upon the On-X heart valve for its longevity and […]

“I’m pleased with the results of the On-X heart valve”

Before surgery I was having difficulty breathing even while sitting down. I was experiencing chest pain almost on a daily basis with and without exertion. Now six months post op I rarely experience any shortness of breath and just recently ran the fastest mile I’ve ever ran in my life. The clicking of the heart […]

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