I chose the On-X heart valve because of my age

I discovered about 10 years ago that I had a bicuspid aortic valve and an ascending aortic aneurysm (not leaking). I had been told that at some point down the road that I would need to have these addressed. Well the time arrived this summer with the results of my CT scan and echocardiogram. After consulting with the surgeon, I scheduled my valve replacement and aneurysm. My surgeon and I went over the various options for valve replacement, and I chose the On-X valve because of my age (48) – I don’t want to have to have this procedure done again – and the possibility of decreased anticoagulation requirements in the future.

It has now been about 7 weeks since I had the On-X AAP installed to repair the aneurysm and valve. I have started my cardiac rehabilitation, feel good, and look forward to returning to work in about a month. I am still getting used to my new “tick”, but glad that my heart is in better shape today than it has been in quite some time.


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