I feel so much better and back to my active life

I was diagnosed with aortic valve stenosis ten years ago. Late November 2011, my cardiologist informed me that surgery would be needed soon. I went to see my surgeon and he asked what I would like to hear from him in regards to what type of valve to use. Because of research I had done, I was hoping for a tissue valve. He was very frank and to the point. He told me that I could find a surgeon to replace my valve with a tissue valve, but he would not. He said I was too young and active. After telling me this, he began to show me different types of valves that have been used for surgeries throughout the years. Then he said, this is the valve I want to use. It was the On-X Life Technologies valve. He showed me the differences in the design, material and how it looked different than the other mechanical valves. He told me about the study being done on patients who had the On-X valve. I continued to do research and was satisfied that it was the right choice.

On Feb.6, 2012, I had my new valve and new life. At age 56, I feel so much better and back to my active life. I home monitor my INR levels and have had no problems. I am thankful for the research and patient dedication that is currently being done for all of us.

Thanks again from my heart!! – Robert

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