“My On-X Valves have been great!”

“The On-X valves have been great. I have two of your valves–aortic and mitral. They are not too loud and do not keep me or my wife awake at night. I had surgery to replace my aortic and mitral valves in November of 2006.

I researched heart valves on the internet and talked with patients who had heart valve replacements. I also discussed the various valves with several doctors. For me, the decision was not difficult, especially after contacting your company. I had a phone conversation with someone in your office. That proved to be most helpful. Your company put me in touch with your reperesentative in this area. She met with me and my wife on the day that I went for a heart cath. She had samples of the valves with her. My wife and I held them in our hands and examined them carefully. That sealed the deal for me. I chose those valves that day.

Thank you for all the research and work you all have put into the design of your valves.” -Doug

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