On-X heart valve gives long range biker his ride back

I’ve been active pretty much all my adult life. I especially enjoy bike riding. Even in my cold climate I manage to ride year-round to some degree. I often do centuries and also race my mountain bike.

Last fall 6 weeks after a 100 miler and 2 weeks after a 15 mile mountain bike race, I suddenly had very labored breathing. Knowing it wasn’t right I went to the ER. Much to my surprise I found out I had a aortic valve regurgitation. I felt normal 2 weeks earlier. It didn’t seem possible as I ride 3500 miles a year, play basketball and cross country ski!

Well it was true. I was referred to a great surgeon and was immediately put at ease with his knowledge, personality and vast experience with this surgery. He understood my desire to stay active at my relatively young age of 52. He recommended the On X valve. He explained it’s benefits for an active person and the fact that I might not have to take warifin for the rest of my life.

The surgery went well and I was back on my bike in 7 weeks. Now its 6 months later and it’s working beautifully. I am gearing up for my first bike race of the season this Sunday. I basically live a normal life again plus better improved blood flow. It’s a bonus that the valve is made of a special carbon and as a biker that owns a bike made with that material, I can appreciate it more!


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