Patient has older brand mechanical valve replaced with the On-X valve after scar tissue causes “stuck” leaflet

Dear On-X,

I would like to share my story..I am a 43 year old wife and mother of 2. I was born with congenital Aortic Stenosis, I have had the valve repaired when I was 12, replaced with a homo-graft when I was 20 (so I wouldn’t have to take Coumadin since I was at an age where I would be getting married and having kids one day soon)…then when I was 30 my valve was replaced with an older brand mechanical valve, this was supposed to be my last surgery..which I was told in most cases that valve should last for life…so I go on living life never thinking that after 12 years my cardiologist would tell me that there was something wrong with the valve!! I had just lost some weight, been walking and didn't "think" I felt short of breath or felt bad at all…boy was I wrong.

After being referred to the most awesome interventional cardiologist in the Houston Medical Center, he scheduled an TEE that confirmed his thoughts..the valve had scar tissue in it and one of the bi-cuspid leaflets was "stuck" so the valve was only partially working L!!! I was admitted that evening and bridged over to heparin from my warfarin for the operation to come. Scared isnt even the word to describe my feelings..I had two teenagers that needed me and a husband that I dearly loved! I wasn't ready to die anytime soon, God willing!! I had a lot of scar tissue from the previous surgeries and was nervous that the operation would be so dangerous and I kept thinking that what if with this new valve they are going to put in, that this same situation happens again? Could I be opened up a 5th time and live? My mind was a bundle of stress and worry…then I met my heart surgeon who would be doing my surgery, he told me about the On-X valve, he explained that this valve was special and that its design would make it harder for scar tissue to "grow" on it..and that they may never grow on it (who knew since there is no way to predict that sort of thing)..My cardiologist had explained this valve to me before at my office visit, but I didnt know really what it was until I had to know because it was going to be my new valve!!

My surgeon explained this valve as the best there is…he said it was like if he were selling me a car and I had the choice between a buick and a cadillac course he wants to give me the cadillac of valves! So he did, I survived and am at home recovering surgery was August 14th..I felt better walking the halls of the heart and vascular institute, being sore and weak, than I did before the surgery when I thought I was "fine"..I had just gotten used to my symptoms, but I could actually feel that this valve was better even then, not short of breath, just felt better!

A big Thank You to have a great product and I am so glad that I had such great doctors to tell me that you were the best! I pray for my health and happiness and a very long life! I am currently doing cardiac rehab and can't wait to be fully recovered..and meet my goals!


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