Patient is very confident in the On-X heart valve

In 2005, when I was living in Canada I had to have open heart surgery to replace the bicuspid aortic valve I was born with. At the time I had no idea what type of valve to pick–it is a hard decision. I picked a Bovine Pericardial Heart Valve 25mm Aortic. For whatever reason, it lasted 5 years and I had to have what they call a “re do”. I was lucky to be in Texas at the time and had access to one of the best heart hospitals & surgeons. This time, I didn’t have to pick the valve. Although I was given a few choices (one being a cadaver), my surgeon said, I guess you will want a mechanical valve this time. He suggested the On-X valve & was very confident I would not be back for a long-time.

Now that it’s been more than a year, I am running and walking daily, hiking, lifting weights for toning, biking and roller blading…I feel great!

Thank you to your great company!
All the best!

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