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On-X Life Technologies to launch its On-X Plus 1.5 Aortic Heart Valve

On-X Life Technologies to launch its On-X® Plus 1.5™ Aortic Heart Valve at Annual Meeting of the Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery (SCS) in Great Britain & Ireland “The On-X® Plus 1.5™ Aortic Heart Valve allows clinicians to maintain patients on a lower dose of blood thinner, which has been shown to result in greater than…

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International Patient Monitors Own INR

My recovery has gone very well overall; only a slight susceptibility to high blood pressure remaining but I’ve got that under control through medication. I’m very pleased with my choice of valve and I’m aware of the excellent results shown by clinical trials so far. It appears that the On-X has the edge on the…

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“If I had it to do again would I choose an On-X valve? ABSOLUTELY”

In October of 2010, I was diagnosed with a congenital atrial valve defect requiring surgery. My surgeon and cardiologist were both extremely detailed in what was needed and gave me the opportunity to research each option and then meet with the surgeon again to agree on the time, process etc. After researching the mechanical valve…

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