U.S. Coast Guard Receives On-X Aortic Heart Valve

First and foremost, I wanted to thank you for the research and creation of the On-X Aortic Valve. At 30 years old and an active member of the United States Coast Guard, nervous and apprehensive would be an understatement leading up to open heart surgery. Like most, I was torn between choosing either a tissue or mechanical valve. After the initial consultation with my surgeon, it was apparent that with my age and physical activeness, the On-X mechanical valve was the way to go.

Before my surgery I was a top amateur cyclist for the US Military Cycling Team, competing nationwide. Once informed of my aortic regurgitation condition and the need for replacement, I was devastated to find out racing bicycles was extremely unsafe, due to the anticoagulation medication associated with mechanical valves. While in the early stages of recovery, as an endurance athlete that loves competition, I decided that if racing bicycles was too dangerous I needed something to fulfill this passion. You see prior to cycling I was a distance runner and I decided, without a doubt, that I would be back to running. I have always dreamed of competing in ultra-distance races, distances greater than a marathon, and now accepting the dangers of bicycle racing I am devoted to this one hundred percent.

Now at just over 7 weeks post surgery, I am already feeling comfortable running up to 15 miles and have even started increasing my pace to become more competitive. I understand the importance of training smart and it feels great to have new goals and a fresh outlook on life. Again, thank you for the research and your outstanding product.

– Jacob

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