“I wanted the best….”

When I was told that I needed surgery to repair aneurysm on my Acending Aorta, I was extremely nervous to say the least. I then found that I had a bicuspid valve and that too needed to be replace. I was in the military so I really was at the mercy of what ever the military surgeon recommended. He said I had two choices biological or mechanical for valve replacement. He suggested I should look up the information on the ON-X valve. Once I did it was a no brainer! I wanted the best, and I did not want to “revisit” this operation again if I could help it. The bonus was there is a chance that anticoagulant therapy dosages could be reduced. The surgery went well and now I am on the road to recovery. No matter what others say this thing is quiet!, I mean I can hardly hear it! I feel truly blessed.


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